Wooden Gate and Fence Set - Last One
Wooden Gate and Fence Set - Last One

Papoose Toys

Wooden Gate and Fence Set - Last One

A perfect addition to any animal themed set, these handcrafted wooden fences are a gorgeous prop for farm, construction, town or outdoor play settings!

The set features 9 pieces of fence and a gate made from driftwood; each can stand individually meaning the set can be configured in different ways. The gate has a rope loop that connects it to any of the fence pieces by looping it around the first post. 

Ethically handcrafted from sustainably sourced wood, all materials used are child-safe and non-toxic. 

Each panel is approximately 20cm long, which means you can create a large enclosure of roughly 40cm x 60cm

Country of origin: Nepal

Due to the nature of handcrafted products by small business artisans, stock is limited and variations may occur.

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