Gry & Sif

It all started with a backpacking trip to Nepal in 2001. Two Danish sisters saw how the Nepalese people were living and wanted to combine simple Danish design with amazing raw and rustic fabric to create a business that would give back - the idea of "Gry & Sif" was born. All Gry & Sif products are handmade from pure natural wool (sourced from New Zealand!). Designed to be heirloom pieces to treasure, there is only 'one' of each, as there will always be small differences in handmade products. 

From the beginning, it was important that all work should take place under fair and orderly conditions, and that workers should be paid a fair wage for their work. 

In 2009 Gry & Sif received Fair Trade certification from the World Fair Trade Organization. Over the years, they have been involved in various development projects in cooperation with local NGOs, for example the women's organisation TEWA, as well as DANIDA. They have also provided financial support to including an orphanage in Nepal's capital Kathmandu, as well as to workers and their families.