Our Values

Fairplay connects conscious consumers with ethically crafted toys and natural resources for mindful playWe value simple, beautiful and meaningful objects that are not made at the expense of people or planet.
Ethical Production

We choose to stock fair trade products - supporting small scale producers with a safe and secure livelihood. These goods are made by suppliers that pay fair wages, guarantee no child labour, and maintain a safe working environment.

It is important to us that you know and trust the products you are purchasing are good for you and your family, and haven't been made at the expense of the people who craft them or our beautiful earth. For transparency, you can read all about our talented artisans here.  

pashom artisansTwo artisans working for Pashom, in their workshop based in Nepal

Natural and Sustainable Resources

Items in our store are made from natural materials with child safe and non-toxic paints and finishes ~ powered by imagination with no plastic or batteries in sight! 

Our producers use sustainable materials that can be regenerated at the rate they are consumed, such as FSC wood, bamboo and wool. Our products are also crafted to order, which ensures waste is minimal and there is little social or environmental impact.

Muskhane WoolNaturally dyed wools - Image credit: Muskhane

Artisan Crafted

One of a kind pieces that have been made by skilled artisans - often using techniques passed down through generations. Like a family heirloom, handicraft techniques are part of an artisan’s inheritance. For some it can be a symbol of tribal identity and a way to honour their heritage. They are able to pass those skills to the next generation and continue telling their stories. 

This also keeps our product range somewhat unique - the handcrafted nature of our toys and decor means no two are exactly the same, and you won't find them in many other places. 

An artisan working for Sasha, India

Made to Last

"Buy less, choose well" ~
Children don't need lots of toys - just a few carefully chosen pieces that are made to last. Our range of heirloom toys and open ended resources will inspire little ones to develop their creativity and imagination, and will go the distance. We hope they will become favourites; loved, treasured and saved for future generations to enjoy too.

Qtoys Farm Barn Heirloom Wooden Toys FairplayOur collection of Heirloom Wooden Toys are made to last through generations

A Holistic Approach to Play

Holistic play is an approach that includes multiple facets of wellbeing (intellect, emotions, imagination, body). Our ever-growing range of open ended toys, books and mindful resources help with our mission of ensuring all aspects of a child's learning and development are considered.

More than just a toy store - we love open ended, natural pieces for mindful play.