Kahero Farm

Located in Kenya, Kahero Farm was once a forest where people cut down trees for firewood and charcoal. 

Neglected for decades, the new owners of the farm decided to save the brown olive stumps of trees and taught the local herdsmen to carve bowls and spoons from the aged wood. As every bowl is made according to the grain in the wood, no two bowls are alike.

The only power tool used is a chain saw to cut the stumps into workable pieces. After that, the carvers use machetes, chisels, and other homemade tools. The bowls are finished with broken glass bottles and sand paper and are then dipped in liquid paraffin, which protects the beauty of the wood.

There are no workshop facilities at Kahero Farm. The herdsmen sit in the fields chipping away while watching the sheep and cattle, and are paid a fair price for the beautiful pieces they create.