Little Eco Folk

Vicki from Little Eco Folk hand dyes a selection of natural fabrics. Every step is slow-crafted by hand in her studio, using organically homegrown and locally foraged plant dyes from flowers, roots, foliage, nuts, food waste, and wood.

This ancient, slow craft creates a stunning depth of natural colour unachievable with synthetic chemicals. It focuses on a more measured way of creating and respecting Papatūānuku. Vicki knows and cares about the origin and of the materials she uses. Finding harmony creating at a slower pace with each piece of fabric infused with local nature and aroha.

She dyes waste free, with the dye water returned to the garden and fabric scraps turned into naturally dyed cotton paper.

Vicki believes we all have a responsibility to live our lives as sustainably as possible, and she bring sustainability into every corner of her business, from the materials used, to the packaging of items, to the way she wants her business to grow. Sustainability is at the wairua of what Little Eco Folk does.