Mindful & Co Kids

Mindfulness goes beyond a class, or a yoga mat...

Born out of the innate groundings that our mind, body and spirit are holistically  intertwined, Mindful & Co Kids is on a mission to inspire, strengthen and foster happier, healthier more resilient young minds. 

Our children are taught maths, english, geography and science at school - but no classes teach them how to be comfortable in silence, how to love themselves fully, and how to unashamedly trust their inner voice.

These thoughtfully created resources provide a way of being that empowers and encourages young minds instead of hindering or barricading them, or telling them to “be realistic” or “toughen up”. 

Through these yoga and mindfulness resources, children are invited to connect deeper with themselves and the world around them. 

Founder Jacqueline Yeats has spent over two years conducting research on the scientific benefits of mindfulness as a treatment for anxiety and depression for her research-based Master’s degree. She is a qualified youth counsellor, holistic wellness coach and mother, who has seen first hand the benefits of teaching mindfulness at a young age.