Minka Fair Trade has been combating poverty in Peru for over three decades. Founded in 1976, they were the first Peruvian organisation to engage in fair trade and have been an active member of the World Fair Trade Organisation since its creation in 1991.

In Quechua, Minka means 'co-operative' or working together for the greater good of everyone. They currently have over 3,000 producers working in marginalised areas of Peru. All of their alpaca products are 100% pure alpaca fine hair. The colours are simply the natural tones of the alpaca – no dyes are used.

As white alpaca fibre is easily dyed, coloured stock of alpaca has depleted over time. Minka began a project to preserve and maintain the natural coloured alpaca through production of these beautiful items.

Alpaca is extremely soft and the filaments are 3 times stronger and have an insulating capacity 7 times that of ordinary lambs wool. The fibre creates incredibly warm and luxurious garments.

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