Muskhane France

Muskhane’s products are designed in France and hand-made in the workshops of the Kathmandu Valley. They are composed entirely of natural and renewable materials - sheep's wool, Nepalese cotton and paper.  

A socially and environmentally engaged brand, they strive to leave a minimal footprint on the environment whilst making a positive impact on the lives of their partners through fair-trade and sustainable commerce.

They are committed to giving a fair price to their artisans so that they can achieve a comfortable living wage, and also provide ongoing additional financial support to various social and educational causes in Nepal.

The quality of the wools, the strict attention to detail and the care that goes into each Muskhane product makes every piece one to treasure. These unique, heirloom creations will bring warmth and beauty to any bedroom or play space. 

Please note - Muskhane collections change annually - tones are always complimentary but never in the exact same colours. As a result sold out items cannot always be replenished and stock is limited in number.