natural coconut bird house
natural bird feeder nz
natural bird feeder nz
natural bird house nz
natural bird house nz

Community Crafts Association

Coconut Bird House

This rustic looking birdhouse is handmade from coco twigs and galtang vine with a gorgeous half coconut shell roof. It has a loop to hang it up and is a beautiful piece to connect little ones with nature.

There are so many physical, cognitive and social benefits linked to outdoor and nature play for children. Activities like birdwatching help develop observational skills, attention span and patience. It can also be an opportunity to develop literacy skills - books and charts can be used to identify and learn about different birds and record observations.

Please take care to hang out of reach of predators.

Approximate size: 13cm tall x 14cm diameter

Country of origin: Philippines

Due to the nature of handcrafted products by small business artisans, stock is limited and variations may occur.

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