Cotton Comforter - Bee
Cotton Comforter - Bee
Cotton Comforter - Bee


Cotton Comforter - Bee

This honey bee comforter is made from the finest quality of cotton yarns, and designed to be treasured forever. The perfect match with our bee blanket, also pictured and available separately.

Our Oeko-tex® Certified Cotton not only accounts for the fabric being free from harmful substances - but also for environmental protection, sustainability, and fair working conditions.

Why use a comforter?
They help provide sleep association, and comfort your babe when you are not there. They can also be helpful in times of sickness, the arrival of a new sibling, or when the child is away from home or in some else's care.

When can I introduce a comforter?
Anywhere up to the age of 4, where the child may normally be experiencing separation anxiety. If the comforter is introduced before the age of 6 months it is recommended to attach the comforter with a safety-lock safety pin to their bedding or sleep sack, where the cuddly can't get up over their face. You can also pop the comforter against your skin for a few hours to put your 'Mummy' scent all over it!

Designed in New Zealand, these maroon marsala comforters are made from 100% cotton with polyester filler and should be hand washed in 30°. 

Country of origin: India 

Due to the nature of handcrafted products by small business artisans, stock is limited and variations may occur.

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