Etoile Wooden Braiding Star Loom
Etoile Wooden Braiding Star Loom
Etoile Wooden Braiding Star Loom
Etoile Wooden Braiding Star Loom
Etoile Wooden Braiding Star Loom
Etoile Wooden Braiding Star Loom
Etoile Wooden Braiding Star Loom

Artisans of Batur Village

Etoile Wooden Braiding Star Loom

Make friendship bracelets, necklaces and anklets to your hearts desire with the Etoile Braiding Star. This star shaped loom makes braiding so simple (and fun!)

The history of this method of braiding cord has its origins in Europe but was later adopted by the Japanese where it is known as 'Kumihimo' which means 'gathered threads'. Kumihimo is used in jewellery making, for tying up pouches and for decorating swords and armour. 

The addition of these whimsical versions of the Kumihimo braiding loom can see children learning a traditional Japanese art form. A great way to start conversations about on the origin and history while providing opportunities for children to connect with Japanese culture. Foster concentration, hand-eye coordination, persistence and a sense of achievement in your little ones.

The art of Kumihimo is so much fun and would be perfect for the young and the young at heart to do together! 


1. You will need 7 strands of whatever kind of cotton, string, yarn you would like to use. 

Note - when cutting yarn for a project, you usually lose about 1/3 of the length of the yarn in the weaving process (depending on the thickness of the yarn). Always cut a bit more than you think you’ll need.

2. Bring the ends together and tie.

3. Slip the threads through the hole, the knot should be in the hole (the backside of the loom will have the short tails of the yarn sticking through the hole).

4. Place one strand of thread in 7 slots, one should be empty.

5. Hold the loom in your off hand with the empty slot facing you.

6. Count 3 slots to the left of the empty slot, remove the yarn from that slot and bring forward to the open slot.

7. Turn the loom so the now empty slot is facing you, and repeat.

8. Every few yarn placements run your fingers through the unbraided ends to untangle them and pull the braided part out through the hole to keep it out of the way.

9. Once your braid is the length you desire unhook the yarn from the loom and tie it in a knot like you did at the start with the loose yarn.

The braiding star can be used with different types of yarn, string and threads to give different appearances, effects and patterning, beads can also be added.  Try making a cord grabbing the yarn 2 slots down from the open slot or even 4 slots down. Each has its own look. Just make sure you do it the same for the entire braided cord or you can develop “holes” in the cord.

A versatile piece to encourage creativity and artistic expression. If you're after other craft ideas, try our Lucet Knitting Fork or Weaving Loom.

This is for one wooden braiding star - wool is not included. Thank you to Kellie Smith for these beautiful images of her daughters star in action.

Approximate dimensions: 7 cm diameter

Country of origin: Indonesia

Due to the nature of handcrafted products by small business artisans, stock is limited and variations may occur.

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