Montessori Dustpan for Children Fairplay NZ


Montessori Children's Dustpan and Brush Set

This gorgeous dustpan and brush set is the perfect resource for little helpers. The brush is handmade with horse hair and the highest quality FSC beech wood, while the dustpan is hard wearing steel which has been powder coated.

These vintage style tools are perfectly proportioned for children wanting to help clean up. The curved lip of the dustpan allows it to fit securely against the floor so sweepings will go into (not under) the pan. 

Using authentic tools offers young children the opportunity to care for their environment while developing gross motor coordination, independence, self-confidence and self-control. They will also gain a feeling of responsibility and sense of accomplishment when they can clean up their own spills.

Please note, though these tools are ethically and sustainably made they are not fair trade (i.e. they are made in Germany). We are still on the look out for a fair trade set to compliment our growing Montessori range but these were too sweet to pass by! 

The dustpan measures 13cm x 20cm and the brush measures 16cm. 

Ethically made in Germany

Ethically made Sustainable materials
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