What Would You Wish For?
What Would You Wish For?


What Would You Wish For?

An inspiring story that will encourage children of all ages to think about how they can live for something bigger than their own happiness and help make the world a more hopeful and peaceful place. 

What would you wish for if you were granted three wishes? Would you wish for toys or candy or clothes? Or would you wish to bring happiness to others and wish for peace in the world? 

No contribution is too small - everyone has the power to make a difference!

Endorsed by UNICEF, this beautiful book guides readers young and old on an imaginative, inspirational journey to learn the power of kindness and realise the potential every person has to change the world for good.

It is perfect for teachers and parents to use during lessons about kindness and making a difference, ideal for children ages 4–8. 

100% of the author’s royalties for purchases of this book are donated to UNICEF USA.

32 page hard cover, David Sable, Emma Yarlett

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