Wooden Flower Press


Wooden Flower Press

This large handcrafted flower press provides an easy way to preserve the beautiful colours and shapes of New Zealand blooms and foliage. 

Children will be able to press the many varieties of flowers, herbs and leaves they found while out walking and exploring to create cards, drawings or other art projects. A perfect match with our gorgeous foraging baskets!

The art of flower pressing invites children to slow down, and to explore and connect with the natural world; whilst giving space for conversations around conservation and sustainable practices.

Included in the set:
✧ A beautiful handcrafted wooden frame
✧ 4 high quality wing nuts and bolts
✧ Cardboard layers

How to use:
To press your nature finds, simply arrange them in between the cardboard layers. Tighten the nuts, and leave the blooms to dry for 2-4 weeks.

Hand-crafted from natural wood and finished with plant based oils.

Suitable for children 3 years and over

Approximate dimensions: 19cm x 14cm x 3.5cm

Country of origin: Indonesia

Due to the nature of handcrafted products by small business artisans, stock is limited and variations may occur.

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