Wooden Massage Accupressure Ball

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Wooden Massage Accupressure Ball

These palm sized wooden balls have hand filed points and give a firm massage when rolled in your hand. Perfect to add to a sensory or calm down basket, for helping little ones relax before bed or to relieve anxiety in challenging situations. 

How to:
Have your child lie down (face up or down). Gently roll the massage ball along their body up from their feet, being careful not to put too much pressure on their abdomen. Roll the ball across each arm and ask if they want to try how it feels on their head (not face!). Check with your child if they want more pressure or less (harder or softer).

Benefits of massage for children:
Massage provides proprioceptive input which can help regulate children's sensory systems.

Rhythmic and predictable movements of massage are helpful for calming children, or preparing them for a challenging situation. Slow pressure movements can help our child to regulate their breathing and heart rate without being asked to do this consciously.  

Massage is also a lovely non-verbal way to communicate tenderness and care, and build the connection between child and caregiver. It promotes secure attachment, releases feel-good hormones and helps children feel loved and cherished.  

Approximate dimensions: 5cm diameter. Please note - these massage balls are not toys - use with supervision. Price is for one ball.

Country of origin: India

Due to the nature of handcrafted products by small business artisans, stock is limited and variations may occur.

Fair trade Hand crafted Sustainable materials Giving back Inclusive
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