A Review of Yuval Zommer's 'Big Book' Series

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Yuval Zommer is a renowned author and illustrator of children's books, known for his "Big Book" series. These are absolute favourites of my kids, we always have at least one on the go.

The series includes six books, each focusing on a different aspect of the natural world, and are filled with interesting facts and interactive elements. They are engaging and educational for young readers aged 3-8+ years. We love them at home, but they would be a great classroom resource too.

Here's a short summary of each, along with a few reasons why we love them!


This book is a comprehensive guide to the fascinating world of bugs, featuring detailed illustrations of various insects, from beetles to butterflies. Kids will learn about the different types of bugs, their habitats and behaviours and many fun bug-related facts. 

Big book of bugs


This book explores the wild and wonderful world of beasts, from the smallest creatures to the biggest predators. It includes a look into jungle beasts, beasts on the streets and even those that existed in the ice age. Children will learn about all the different animals that roam the earth and their unique characteristics. 


This book is all about the oceans, featuring illustrations of sea creatures, from the tiniest plankton to the largest whales. Little ones will learn about the different zones of the ocean, the importance of conservation, and the ways in which humans interact with the marine environment.

Big book of blue yuval zommer


This book is a celebration of our feathered friends, with illustrations of over 100 different bird species. You will learn about the various habitats, behaviours, and characteristics of birds, as well as fun bird-related facts.

Bok of birds


This book is a visual feast of flowers, featuring illustrations of over 40 different types of blooms. Kids will learn about the different parts of flowers, their life cycles, and the ways in which they attract pollinators. The illustrations in this one are particularly stunning and a beautiful prompt for creating your own paintings and flower based art.

book of blooms yuval zommer


This book explores the concept of belonging, encouraging children to think about what it means to belong to a family, a community and the wider world. Through colourful illustrations and engaging text, the book encourages kids to embrace diversity and inclusivity, and to celebrate what makes them unique.

Book of belonging yuval zommer

The 'Big Book' series are an excellent resource for little ones to learn about different facets of the natural world. They all offer:

  • Knowledge Overviews: Each book is filled with quick fire facts and information about different creatures and ecosystems being explored. Children will not only learn about the specific animals and plants featured in the books, but also about the wider natural world - such as how various ecosystems work and interconnections between different life forms.

  • Invitations to Play: The series lends itself perfectly to setting up book related invitations to play, which can help foster a lifelong love of reading and learning in children. Whether you set up a small world habitat, a themed playdough invitation or a sensory tray related to the focus of learning, they are beautiful additions to your table and a way to encourage learning through play.

  • Vibrant Illustrations: All 'Big Books' feature vibrant and detailed illustrations, which are both visually appealing and informative. The pictures bring the animals and plants to life, allowing children to visualise and connect with the creatures they are learning about, helping develop a deeper appreciation for the natural world.

  • Interactive Fun: Each book in the series has interactive elements including a 'search and find' throughout the pages. As the facts are broken down into 'bite sized' pieces, little ones will remain engaged throughout. It's also a great series to dip in and out of for more focused learning. 

A gorgeous invitation to play set up by Becca at @invitationstoplay.nz based on the Big Book of Beasts - she has created a little small world sensory zoo set up for her toddler.


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