More Than A Business: Making Dreams Come True

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Fair trade goes beyond economics, it's about honouring artisans as whole individuals - weaving dignity and prosperity into the fabric of their lives.

One of our suppliers based in India recently shared a heartwarming story of the impact that fair trade can have - beyond fair wages, safe employment and beautifully made products.

Something that I love about fair trade is consideration for people and the planet - organisations that uphold these principles care about the person as a whole, not just as an employee. Many fair trade organisations put profits back into the community in the form of education, health care, business support and in this case - making dreams come true!

The Trip of a Lifetime

Manish (the CEO and founder of Matr Boomie) visited one of the artisan groups living near the Taj Mahal and discovered that many of the woman artisans had never seen it in person. Despite living in close proximity to this 'wonder of the world', economic constraints and societal norms had prevented them from experiencing its beauty firsthand. 

Determined to make a difference, he organised a trip for them. Back in April, 24 women and their children, boarded a chartered bus bound for Agra, the city home to the Taj Mahal. The itinerary included a full day of exploration, admission to the Taj Mahal, delicious restaurant meals and a ride on the new metro train.

Excitement levels were high - for many, it was their first time setting foot in Agra. And more than just a fun day out, this trip was a great example of the care and compassion Matr Boomie has for it's artisans and their dreams. It also shows the ongoing commitment they have to supporting and uplifting the communities they work with.

Fair Trade Changes Lives

Want to read more about the impact of fair trade and how supporting ethical production is changing lives? Check out the stories of Miranda, Yasmin and Gde - with more stories to come later this year!

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