Four Books to Build Self Esteem and Celebrate Your Child's Unique Qualities

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There's nothing quite like a children's book to inspire and uplift the hearts of both children and adults. Books have the power to help children see themselves in a positive light, to build self-esteem and to celebrate their unique qualities.

We are often asked for gift recommendations, so here are our top picks of four gorgeous books that do all of the above. Each book celebrates the innate traits of a child and encourages them to be confident in who they are. Whether given as a gift for a baby shower or to a special child in your life, these books are a wonderful way to remind children that they are special and loved.

Read on for a mini review of each one and to find out why they are consistently recommended (as well as read and given as gifts in our own family too!)


"The Wonderful Things You Will Be" is a gorgeous children's book that celebrates the unique, limitless potential and inherent goodness of every child. Through playful and whimsical rhymes, author and illustrator Emily Winfield Martin captures the wonder and magic of childhood and inspires young readers to dream big and embrace their individuality.

The book explores a range of positive character traits, such as kindness, creativity, and curiosity, and encourages children to cultivate these qualities in themselves. The illustrations are equally delightful, featuring a diverse cast of characters and imaginative settings that will capture the imagination of both children and adults.

What sets this book apart is its emphasis on the power of parental love and support. The message throughout the book is clear: no matter what a child chooses to be, where they go, or who they become, their parents will be there to support and love them unconditionally.

An endearing and empowering book, this is our go-to gift for parents-to-be. Not only is it beautiful and engaging, it also contains a powerful message of unconditional love and support that will resonate with new parents. It serves as a reminder of the wonder and potential in our children as well as an encouragement to nurture their unique gifts and talents. The timeless message and charming illustrations ensure that it will be a cherished addition to any child's library for years to come.


"The World Needs Who You Were Made to Be" is a heartwarming read inspiring children to embrace their individuality and discover their unique purpose in life.

Through a series of beautifully crafted verses, author Gaines celebrates the diversity and creativity of children, urging them to follow their passions and share their gifts with the world. The book encourages children to be themselves, regardless of their differences, and to see the beauty in others who may be different from them.

The illustrations are equally captivating, with soft pastel colours and whimsical designs that capture the essence of childhood imagination. The illustrations depict a diverse group of children, representing different races, abilities, and interests, which adds to the book's appeal for readers of all backgrounds.

This book is a celebration of individuality and a call to action for children to use their unique talents and perspectives to make the world a better place. It's a book that will inspire children to dream big, embrace their passions, and embrace the differences that make us all unique.

"The World Needs Who You Were Made to Be" is an excellent gift for all ages and perfect for the classroom too, as it encourages children to embrace their individuality and find their purpose in life. It can be read to children from a very young age and inspire them to be themselves and follow their dreams, with a timeless message ensuring that it will be treasured for years to come. It serves as a beautiful reminder that all children are unique and have something valuable to offer the world.

The World Needs Who You Were Made To Be



This is a favourite of my two boys (currently aged 3 and 5) and has been for some time - they love the colourful illustrations and the simple yet rhythmic verses make it a story I love to read over and over too. It's an ideal gift for children of all ages (but particularly 3-7 years), with a positive message reinforcing the idea that every child is special and has something valuable to offer the world.  A beautiful reminder to children that there are many ways to be smart, and that being true to oneself is one of the most valuable traits of all.

Reading to children from a young age is an incredibly valuable activity that can have a lasting impact on their development. Not only does it help to foster a love of books and reading, but it also helps to build important literacy skills such as vocabulary, comprehension, and critical thinking. The gift of shared experiences and quality time snuggled up reading together are one reason I love to give books as gifts. They are a wonderful way to help children grow and learn and to set them on the path towards a lifetime of learning and discovery.

And on that note - I am always happy to provide any recommendations on books or gifts, so do get in touch if I can help in any way! 

Mandy x

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