Hope in the Hardest of Circumstances

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Yasmin Hughes is the creative director at the Livelihood Project Above Rubies. She tells us why every sale and donation to their organisation makes a difference to her community in Baguio City...

Life for single mothers and widows in the Philippines is extremely difficult.  

Single parents receive no financial benefits or job seekers aid from the government like we are used to in New Zealand. As a result, many have irregular work doing jobs that are physically exhausting like laundry and scavenging for recyclables in the rubbish to sell for a minimal amount.

Above Rubies is a not for profit livelihood project which has been set up to provide financial security to women who find themselves in this heartbreaking situation. But there are so many other single mums outside the project who are struggling to support their families too.

During the last few months, Above Rubies was hit particularly hard by COVID-19 and sales decreased. While we stock a range of their handcrafted products here at Fairplay, I wanted to increase our support somehow. And that's where the idea of our new print range came to life!

The lovely Morgan from Sand and Stone generously created these two gorgeous pieces now available for purchase. With the help of the amazing team at Pinc, we have also added a special limited edition foil version.

Every single cent of profit will be donated, providing many opportunities to help the community further. It may look like ten kilos of rice one week for a mama who has just lost her job, or medicine for a little one who needs antibiotics. The ladies currently employed by the project will be a key part in the process of figuring out how best they can help.

Above Rubies has seen first hand that the simplest of gestures often make the greatest impact; bringing hope into the hardest of circumstances one person at a time. 

You can view and purchase these beautiful prints here

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