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It is our collective and individual responsibility to preserve and tend to the environment in which we all live ~ 
Dalai Lama

We love PlanToys for so many reasons. Their products are ethically made in Thailand and their production processes ensure the wellbeing of staff, consumers and the planet. They are world renowned manufacturers of quality, sustainable wooden toys with a specific focus on education and age milestones. 

Most of the products in our store are handcrafted, but PlanToys was an exception we had to make - and here's why! 

Production Processes

PlanToys traditionally manufactured their wooden toy range from sustainable rubber-wood, sourced from retired rubber trees that are no longer able to produce latex. They are a carbon neutral company and source the majority of their  resources from within a 30km radius of their factory. But even better - their commitment to producing quality products using both sustainable manufacturing processes and materials lead to the development of their new 'PlanWood' product. 

What is PlanWood and how is it made?

PlanWood is made from surplus rubber wood sawdust generated in their factory daily, with the addition of organic pigments for colour and less than 1%  formaldehyde-free e-zero glue. This mixture is 99% wood and 100% plastic-free! It is then packed into moulds and submitted to high levels of pressure (around 2 tonnes) - the end result is a high density fibre known as PlanWood.

The high pressure process means that very little glue is needed to bind the sawdust together and it doesn’t need to be treated with any heavy chemicals. The moulding process also means that PlanWood can be made into a huge range of shapes that aren't possible when using solid hard-woods. 

How eco-friendly is PlanWood?

PlanWood is using a waste byproduct (sawdust) of wood that is already a byproduct of another industry (rubber). Only organic colour pigment and water based dyes are used and PlanWood contains absolutely no harmful chemicals (such as phthalates, bisphenol A, soft vinyl PVC, formaldehyde, lead or flame retardants). This makes it one of the most innovative, earth-friendly products in the market today.

Other Benefits

Because the colour pigments are added during the composite process, the finished product is more eco-friendly than products that are hand-painted after being processed. PlanWood products will not chip or peel because the colour is part of the materials, making them very durable. They are also somewhat water-resistant making them great for messy play (though like any wooden product they should not be left wet for long periods of time).

Additionally, since no harmful additives or colourings are used and their water-based paints are safety certified, they are safe for even the youngest babes who may still be mouthing objects!

Staff Wellbeing

PlanToys ensure their employees enjoy a high quality of life and are an equal opportunities employer. Products are manufactured as needed which provides job security - staff can enjoy their work at a comfortable pace without the risk of high and low periods which can cause layoffs.

A co-operative shop has also been set up for workers and their families, so that everyday essentials like soap, organic produce and other household items are available at below market prices. PlanToys offer interest free loans and optional extra training for their staff. This is part of their sustainability programme but they also believe that having a happy motivated workforce boosts productivity and therefore profits. 

Giving Back

Plan Group has various environmental and educational campaigns that give back to their local communities - including reforestation, children's programmes and a project to support local mothers.

We absolutely love our PlanToys range and are certain that these high-quality toys will be enjoyed for generations to come!

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  • That’s an absolutely clever way of creating a product from the waste of a by product!!! So much innovation and it’s great to see they put so much value into their workers. So many initiatives in place — 👏👏👏

    Aneta on

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