Artisans of Bolgatanga

Our Bolga Baskets are woven in the satellite villages of Bolgatanga, in northern Ghana. Our supplier has been working with the same weavers since 1997 and has established a successful ongoing partnership that employs over 30 locals and their families. Theyย get to know each artist personally, establishing rapport, learning about the pieces they create and forming long-lasting friendships.

Our supplier trades direct - supporting and respecting the artisans and collaborating at local and fair market rates.ย They visited each year (until Covid-19 hit!) and while these baskets and instruments don't have the same fair trade certificates as other products we stock, the trade conditions match those of certified programs.

The art of basket weaving is a familial craft, handed down from one generation to the next and each weaver has their own special techniques. The raw material is elephant grass, a 100% sustainable material which grows in the flood plains around Bolgatanga. The grass is harvested, dried and finally boiled to dye. The weavers split each length into two, and then roll it to give it more strength.

Baskets may take 3 days to one week to make depending on the size, design and intricacy of the patterns. We are in awe of the artists that weave these unique baskets and know you will love them as much as we do!